PowerShell and AXModel files

In AX 2012 there is a very high chance that you have to work with the new AXModel files.

You may receive an ISV solution, or a Microsoft hotfix and you would like to know what is inside. If you have installed the management extensions, you can go to Start menu > Administrative tools > Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Management Shell to open PowerShell to access the AX-specific utilities.

We have a hotfix in our example, and would like to see what objects are inside, which may cause a conflict with out customizations. You can run the following command to get more details from our AXModel hotfix:


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EDT Migration Tool bugfix

We have a great tool in AX 2012 for upgrading EDT relations to the new structure of Table relations.

Unfortunately it does not handle system data types like UserId very well. You have to change the \Classes\SysEDTMigration to prepare the tool for all types:


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