Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella releases Hit Refresh

It is common to see CEO’s releasing books about the steps they took in the past to build a successful company, but is uncommon to find someone who is sharing their vision and approach on what steps are they taking today, to shape a better future. Satya Nadella, chairman of Microsoft is inviting us for a journey about rediscovering the soul of one of the largest IT corporate in the world in his new book, Hit Refresh.

Read his post about the book in the making on LinkedIn:

Available in stores:

Hit Refresh

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Microsoft Ignite Live stream for 2017

The replacement conference for Convergence is already taking place in Orlando, USA. In case you are not able to be there in person, you may check many interesting sessions on-demand, and you could tune in to the Microsoft Ignite Live stream online:

Microsoft Ignite Live stream

Microsoft Ignite 2017

I can recommend to check the keynote at least, featuring Satya Nadella among other industry professionals.


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Microsoft MVP Award 2017 for Business Solutions

I have been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title for the 2017-2018 cycle. Being a Microsoft MVP is a recognition that only a handful of people within the Dynamics AX family have received. It is a great honor to be ranked among the bloggers, community volunteers, speakers and experts that I have been learning from for the past 15 years and have met at various projects, events and conferences.

Microsoft MVP

As a Microsoft MVP by getting more networking opportunities and access to the product teams it is becoming easier to share relevant, fresh content, exchange information with the professionals in the industry, and keep a finger on the pulse of new trends for Satya’s vision about business transformation.

This is giving an additional kick and motivation for releasing additional publications, and doing more community and conference participation.

See you guys around!

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Add call stack to InfoLog messages

The main communication channel for our ERP users in case we want to tell them something is via the InfoLog messages within Microsoft Dynamics AX. In case we get an error or a warning, the technical staff does not receive the details required to troubleshoot the issue much easier. In this post I would like to show you how to send the X++ or .Net CIL call stack to InfoLog messages.
Microsoft already has an article on this for AX 2009, but that was before the AX 2012 IL code execution for server-side code, so it needs slight adjustments.

My changes got the following improvements:

  • Can handle X++ and CIL execution.
  • Users only see the call stack when clicking the message line due to filling it with whitespace.
  • Specific users could be excluded from receiving the call stack, we are doing this for our service accounts such as the batch execution account. We are also excluding our eCommerce portal customers from seeing a call stack, which are the Claims-based users.
  • Current database server/name and user account is included in the message, in case we are storing the errors in the Event log and would like to know who had the problem.

Here is the example output:

call stack to InfoLog


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Troubleshooting batch jobs in AX

If your batch jobs are seemingly not executing in Microsoft Dynamics AX, there could be a multitude of reasons. This guide will help with troubleshooting batch jobs in AX by listing the possible causes and providing solutions for each points.

Initial setup

It is important to define what is a batch job first:

A batch job is a process which will carry out specific tasks at a certain date and time running as a background process within the AX Application Object Server service.

We need to tell the system what is the process that we want execute, which consists of a Batch job as a header, and at least one Batch task which is the actual processes running. The batch jobs can be grouped together by their roles with the help of a Batch group. If none is provided, it would still classify as one called the “Empty batch group”.


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