19 03, 2023

DMF TransferStatus to check entity processing

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When we work with a Data Entity in D365FO, it can get tricky to track how transfers are going and how much is left. Here is a quick SQL snippet to query staging tables to figure out DMF TransferStatus:

    when transferstatus = 0 then 'Not started'
    when transferstatus = 1 then 'Completed'
    when transferstatus = 2 then 'Error'
    when transferstatus = 3 then 'Validated'
    when transferstatus = 4 then 'Duplicate'
  end AS StatusTxt,
  count(*) from [dbo].[CUSTCUSTOMERV3STAGING]
group by executionid, transferstatus

This snippet can tell us how many records have been completed, has an error, or still remaining to be processed. It only works if a staging table is being used for the data entity export/import.

13 02, 2023

D365FO Meetup, 2023 February, Budapest

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It has been a long time since we could meet in person due to the Covid lockdown. I am happy to announce that we are going to have our D365FO Meetup at Microsoft headquarters in Graphisoft park, Budapest on the 16th of February 2023, thanks to András Strén (SR Product Marketing Manager@Microsoft, CEE area).

D365 Dev tooling and integration meetup

D365FO Meetup

We are going to cover the following topics with my colleague, Péter Prokopecz on this D365FO Meetup:

  • Dynamics 365 FinOps integrations:
    • Possibilities for integrations
    • Replacements of AX 2012 technologies within D365
    • What should be considered when choosing a platform for our integrations in the cloud?
  • Advanced D365 developer tooling and technologies:
    • Did you have no time to catch up with the changes in the most recent platform builds?
    • Would like to know in which direction is Microsoft taking the developer tooling?
    • You want to know how to use SocrateX/BaseX/AppChecker?
    • Did you always want to see how to create a Visual Studio add-in to automate tasks and expand the functionality of the developer IDE?
    • What is in the that the community is building?

Language for the sessions: Hungarian.

5 01, 2023

Career day speaker at Mensa HungarIQa

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The Mensa high IQ society in Hungary has started a series of sessions dedicated for showing the various IT professions in detail on a career day. As a proud member of the society I have the pleasure to show what do I do as Software Engineer and Solution Architect for Enterprise Resource Manager systems, what are my day-to-day activities with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Mensa career day

This series of events are organized in order to help people who are just about to make the decision of their life about what to become when they graduate after high school. This is also to aid people, who are considering a career change. As a Mensa HungarIQa career day speaker my task is to talk about what skillsets are required to be successful in this corner of IT, what are the advantages and difficulties chasing a path like this in the industry, what perks and benefits do we get.

I also plan to demonstrate a range of tools that we use on a daily basis to show how wide range of knowledge one has to have that can be applied to a multitude of other jobs in case they consider a switch again:

  • business processes (finance, supply chain, distribution, manufacturing, etc.)
  • DevOps / Version control
  • Visual Studio development
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Virtualization and systems management / monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models
  • Web technologies (REST, OData, etc.)
  • and others…
31 03, 2022

Active record count in ValidTimeState tables

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In the previous blog post we have explored how to tell how many records do we have per company account using a T-SQL Query. But AX does have a concept which SQL cannot cope with, and makes it a bit harder to tell the active record count in ValidTimeState tables.

The following job can pull back this value for us, in order to validate if data migration row counts are matching between AX 2012 and D365FO.

static void WIK_findValidTimeStateKey_Tables(Args _args)
    DictTable           dictTable;
    Dictionary          dict = new Dictionary();
    TableId             tableId;
    Common              common;
    date                currentDate = systemDateGet();
    setPrefix('Record count for ValidTimeStateKey tables');
    tableId = dict.tableNext(0);
    while (tableId)
        dictTable = new DictTable(tableId);
        if (!dictTable.isTmp() && !dictTable.isTempDb() && !dictTable.isView()
            && (dictTable.configurationKeyId() ? isConfigurationKeyEnabled(dictTable.configurationKeyId()) : true)
            && dictTable.isValidTimeStateTable())
            common = dictTable.makeRecord();
            select validTimeState(currentDate) count(RecId) from common;
            if (common.RecId)
                info(strFmt('%1\t%2',, common.RecId));
        tableId = dict.tableNext(tableId);
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