Improve AX performace by fixing bad Query plans

Sometimes the Purchase invoicing department has complained that posting took a very long time to complete. We could correlate this with the slow performing SQL statements alert explained in my previous post to identify the cause, now it is time to improve AX performace by fixing bad Query plans. My colleague, Peter Prokopecz provided some great insights on resolving this problem.

Either an AX trace, or the SQL alert could reveal the bad code. In our case it was the standard functionality of matching Tax transactions with the General journal entries, which can be found in \Data Dictionary\Tables\TaxTransGeneralJournalAccountEntry\Methods\create. It is a very large insert_recordset statement with multiple inner and exists joins:



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CIL execution to be disabled for all AX users

Recently we have faced an error during SSRS report printouts, where the quick fix was to temporarily disable CIL execution for all regular AX user accounts.

The error message was as per below, and this MSDN blog post has pointed us in the right direction of resolving the problem:

Failed to create a session; confirm that the user has the proper privileges to log on to Microsoft Dynamics.

The following job can be used to disable CLR operations. It essentially changes the Execute business operations in CIL setting under Options > Development tab based on the flag defined:


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