Microsoft is embracing AI

It has been no secret that Microsoft wanted to make something extraordinary by investing $1-billion in the OpenAI company. This was a message to the world that Microsoft is embracing AI. And in the past couple of days we have seen that they took it seriously indeed!

Using the Codex machine learning model developed at OpenAI, and Microsoft is applying their approach to all across their product range. We have previously seen GitHub Copilot which is now being incorporated into Visual Studio 2022. Then came the Microsoft 365 Copilot to assist with our document creation and editing, and communication needs covering a wide range of products including Word, Excel, Teams, and a lot more.

But the biggest news for our community is that AI is entering the Business Applications segment with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot.



There changes are not just applied to a single product, but across the board, with different capabilities. I really love the idea of the AI which scans the news portals for any events which might impact our Supply Chain, and makes actionable suggestions to contact vendors and procure goods ahead of the market.

I am looking forward to using some of the advancements that comes with the boom of using artificial intelligence in our everyday life. It is great that Microsoft is embracing AI and moves forward by such innovations.