Agile methodology is popular for rapid implementation, but the more frequent releases bears risks. That is why a Version Control System is essential for tracking code changes during Development, Testing and Production phase, using TFS and Release management tools.

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It is crucial for every business to receive solid foundation of business flows and technological groundork to succeed. We can provide ample knowledge for AX Developers and System administrators from beginners to the highest level of expertise.

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You should put in place proactive monitoring for your critical business infrastructure and applications to ensure 100% business uptime. We can assist with setting up tools and scripts for checking your overall system health, and highlight problems before it crashes down on you.

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When it comes to designing the architecture of a system, there are many factors to consider which are ofter forgotten: processes, number of users, geographical positioning, 24/7/365 availability, disaster recovery, existing hardware and future infrastructure investments for growth, to name a few.

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Many companies struggle with system performance issues which can be addressed by the correct actions, whether it is code cleanup, system configuration, or SQL server optimization and maintenance. We are experts in pintpointing what the issue is when it comes to performance problems.

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