For troubleshooting the Application Integration Framework in AX sometimes we have to enable logging of all XML document messages. However the AIF inbound ports cannot be edited by default without deactivating them first. It is a common misbelief that you need to do this.

If you deactivate and reactivate a port, in the background it just regenerates the server-side WCF settings in table AIFWCFConfiguration, that stores the XML string in a container field. Most of the values in there does not actually relate to a lot of fields that you should be able to change. In our case the LoggingMode field was in the scSC parent table of AIFPort.

What we could do instead of deactivating and reactivating our service in question to switch the logging on and off was to simply edit the record in the table browser, which does in fact take immediate effect and the logging will commence or get suspended once you save the row. Please keep in mind that for other fields such as user restrictions or service operations you should do your own research in a Test environment first to decide if it is safe to go ahead with the modification.