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Default AX model for all users

If you want to set the default AX model for all of your active user accounts on a certain layer, you may run the following job to do so.

Whenever a new developer joins in, you may include running this job in your account creation process to make sure they do not try to check in code to the wrong place, but only to your correct default AX model.

Do not forget to change the layer and the name of the model.

static void WIK_UpdateDefaultModel(Args _args)
    UserInfo                userInfo;
    UserInfoStartupModel    userInfoStartupModel;
    UserInfoStartupModel    userInfoStartupModelDB;
    UtilEntryLevel          layer = UtilEntryLevel::cus;
    ModelId                 modelId = any2int((select firstOnly Model from SysModelManifest where SysModelManifest.Name == 'MyModel').Model);


    while select userInfo
        where userInfo.accountType  == UserAccountType::ADUser
        notexists join userInfoStartupModel
            where  userInfoStartupModel.UserId  ==
                && userInfoStartupModel.Layer   == layer
                && userInfoStartupModel.ModelId == modelId
        userInfoStartupModelDB.Layer            = layer;
        userInfoStartupModelDB.UserId           =;
        userInfoStartupModelDB.ModelId          = modelId;
            if (userInfoStartupModelDB.validateWrite())
                throw error('We have a problem');

    update_recordset userInfoStartupModel
        setting ModelId = modelId
        where userInfoStartupModel.Layer    == layer;


MSDN link for UserInfoStartupModel:

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Convergence 2015 EMEA additional AX 7 details, Visionary award

First of all I would like to congratulate Mushtaque Ahmed, COO @ JJ Food Service for winning the Microsoft Visionary Award at Convergence 2015 in the Big Data & Insights category. I am very excited to be part of the team, which could deliver such innovative solutions under his strong leadership.

Also I would like to share some other interesting details on the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 product:

  • There is a Windows 10 app, which can provide the AX 7 client experience natively, without using a Web browser
  • Task recorder is enhanced with a Task guide tool, which can be used to drive through employees in the application step-by-step, ie. on how to create a new Sales order
  • Testing framework integration in Visual Studio for recorded tasks gives the ability for developers to test how newly deployed changes affect the existing application in a simple way
  • Speech-driven AX 7 application experience with Cortana gives the ability of hands-free operation of the system
  • Native Environment health monitoring and user behavior tracking capabilities to spot any potential problems with AX in time
  • Vendor/partner-assisted demo for ISV solutions and apps in the Azure marketplace can bring value for customers

Doesn’t it sound exciting?!

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Convergence 2015 EMEA quick overview

The first two days of Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA has passed in Barcelona and the many sessions with a technological angle has revealed a lot of interesting topics. I would like to give a quick summary highlight on what can we expect around the Microsoft Dynamics AX space and its technology stack.

  • Responsive layout AX 7 user interface served via a web service, without the requirement of a client installation
  • Keyboard shortcuts are still available, with slight changes to exclude common overlapping key combinations within web browers
  • PowerApps is a new platform which can communicate with a range of applications to quickly and interactively deliver mobile-based apps, including AX
  • Power BI is supported natively within the AX 7 dashboards as tiles
  • Application Integration Framework, Data Import Export framework and Office product integrations have all been consolidated to use a Data entity approach using OData as communication protocol
  • Excel static data export is now available on all AX7 forms with a datasource, and interactive two-fold communication has been extended
  • SharePoint document store is now seamlessly integrated with AX 7 to replace/extend the Document attachments functionality
  • Developer workspace is now an integral part of Microsoft Visual Studio, with keeping the object-based, typed MorphX style development along with the X++ language. There are slight alterations, ie. Jobs are now called differently and are executing server-side due to a lack of a true client

There is no official release date announced yet, Dan Brown (AX R&D General Manager) only has confirmed Q1 2016 for the publicly available version.

As the day progresses at Convergence 2015 EMEA, potentially more news and insight will be revealed.

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