Convergence 2015 EMEA additional AX 7 details, Visionary award

First of all I would like to congratulate Mushtaque Ahmed, COO @ JJ Food Service for winning the Microsoft Visionary Award at Convergence 2015 in the Big Data & Insights category. I am very excited to be part of the team, which could deliver such innovative solutions under his strong leadership.

Also I would like to share some other interesting details on the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 product:

  • There is a Windows 10 app, which can provide the AX 7 client experience natively, without using a Web browser
  • Task recorder is enhanced with a Task guide tool, which can be used to drive through employees in the application step-by-step, ie. on how to create a new Sales order
  • Testing framework integration in Visual Studio for recorded tasks gives the ability for developers to test how newly deployed changes affect the existing application in a simple way
  • Speech-driven AX 7 application experience with Cortana gives the ability of hands-free operation of the system
  • Native Environment health monitoring and user behavior tracking capabilities to spot any potential problems with AX in time
  • Vendor/partner-assisted demo for ISV solutions and apps in the Azure marketplace can bring value for customers

Doesn’t it sound exciting?!

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  1. István Orosz - 2015-12-05 @ 16:05

    Hi Vilmos,

    You have written, that: “There is a Windows 10 app, which can provide the AX 7 client experience natively, without using a Web browser”. Does it mean to provide backwards compatibility to the AX 6? Interesting, We heard about the browser-based version of AX 7 so far, and nobody mentioned this – maybe because we are using Window 7?



    • DAXRunBase - 2015-12-07 @ 10:15

      The Windows 10 app was shown in Sri Shrinivasan (General Manager) and Arif Kureshy’s (Technology Manager) session (BK15EE02) for a brief minute. In the downloadable video for the participants it can be seen at 41:20, where they select a deployment first, then the client is displayed. No additional information has been revealed yet so far, it might not even make it to the final product. Here is a screenshot:

      AX 7 Client

  2. István Orosz - 2015-12-19 @ 10:04

    Ok, I see.




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