We have a displayOption implemented for the Vendor transactions screen, which highlights the rows in red color where the posted transactions or the journal has a Document attachment. The requirement was that if we create a new DocuRef entry on the vendor transaction, after closing the DocuView form the grid should change color. In order to refresh AX grid color with displayOption only for the currently selected row we can use the FormDataSource.clearDisplayOption method.

Also there is a great comment on the Dynamics Community about refreshing a set of entries, instead of the current cursor:


We have edited \Forms\DocuView\Methods\close as per below to achieve refreshing only the currently highlighted row:

public void close()
    FormRun         frm = infolog.parmLastActivatedForm().object();
    FormDataSource  fds;
    curUrl = "";
    if (infolog.docu() && infolog.docu().docuView() && infolog.docu().docuView().object())
        infolog.docu().clearDocuView(); //ensure that form is removed from infolog object
    if (frm
        && frm.form().name() == formStr(VendTrans))
        fds = frm.dataSource(1);