The amount of posts and code published are starting to become harder to manage, thus a new Git repository has been created for hosting the source files. You may now find the codes available for DAXRunBase on GitHub using the following link:

DAXRunBase on GitHub

DAXRunBase GitHub

The files will be provided in form of XPO source files curated for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. They should be working for most versions with minor modifications only. The subfolders will link back to the original articles for detailed descriptions and use case scenarios.

Old posts are revised

Some of the outdated tools, jobs, or other modifications are going to get revised, updated/upgraded and will be published being compatible with the latest AX 2012 R3 version. Once the Git repository is ready, I will update the old posts to link directly to the respective folders there.

The previously published articles could be found using the X++ and XPO tags: