AX clients with an outdated kernel executable version (SCOM, Blocking)

There are AX installations that do not fully rely on Remote Desktop Services technology, but rich clients are used which may connect to the AX AOS with a potentially outdated Ax32.exe kernel binary version. If a new kernel binary hotfix is installed on the AOS, then the clients must also be patched up, since the communication protocol could have been changed. It is absolutely crucial to get the kernel hotfix applied to the AX clients, but it is not always that convenient to find whom to patch.

If someone connects with an old kernel version, the AX AOS creates an event log entry, that we can get notifications for if we use System Center Operations Manager (SCOM): Application warning: Object Server 01: Internal version mismatch. Microsoft Dynamics AX client from COMPUTER (6.0.1108.3733) tried to attach with 6.0.1108.7309 revision of kernel

In SCOM 2012 AX management pack the alert is generated as “Internal AOCP revision mismatch”, and the actual computer name can be seen under View additional knowledge > Alert context > Event data.

The next step is to block access for these clients.