We are approaching two important dates within the next couple of weeks to introduce the new major version, namely the AX 7 Technical Conference and Virtual Launch Event for the actual release highlights. Project Rainier is now stepping out from behind the curtains to reveal a new era of what an ERP system of the future looks like, bringing a lot of new technologies to the table, while building on the existing functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9.

The Virtual Launch Event will not probably reveal too many additional details on top of what we have already learned at Convergence and various early release channels, but could be interesting to see how the first customers are using it as their current Production environment.

On a side note keep in mind that wave 1 is only for new implementations, since there is no data conversion upgrade path yet for existing AX implementations. It will come second half of 2016, hopefully they will announce the wave 2 release date too.

Make sure you register for the launch event in time using the following link:

Keep an eye out for the Technical conference app too, it should be downloadable soon. You do not want to miss any important break-out sessions whether your are doing a new implementation, or upgrading an existing one.


See you in person in Seattle at the AX 7 Technical conference and at the Virtual Launch Event two weeks later!