It has been a quiet couple of months as the community has probably noticed by the lower number of blog posts and forum answers. Working on our MSDyn365FO upgrade at JJ Food Service has been a demanding task, but progress is steady. Now it is time to do the plans for 2020.

Soon I can get back to publishing blog articles on a regular basis. Not just that, but the big announcement is: DAXRunBase is going online with Video Logs!

Plans for 2020 - vlog

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A lot of conferences have been cancelled or rescheduled recently due to the corona virus pandemic, where I was supposed to participate. This has been an unfortunate turn of events, but on the bright side I will have more time to create online content.

I am also going to start recording speaker sessions at these conferences to share, and will conduct interviews with important figures and key professionals working within our corner of the IT industry.

The backlog of topics that I am planning to share is quite extensive, here are a few for the coming weeks just to peak your interests:

  • Automation of storing SQL database backups in the cloud using Azure blob storage
  • Number sequence consumption monitoring in AX 2012
  • Analyzing and interpreting compiler results in D365FO using PowerShell
  • Why is my SQL Server full of GUID-named Jobs? The mystery behind the SSRS scheduler
  • Modelstore upgrade to D365FO – unexpected token error
  • What is App Checker and SocrateX
  • Using IDisposeable when a method parameter signature cannot be changed
  • Speeding up LifeCycle Service downloads using AzCopy outside of the US
  • Deprecated system classes – Alternatives for using Dict* and TreeNode objects

I hope you do like the plans for 2020, and you are as excited as I am!